With a career spanning over fifteen years, Kramer is one of the most respected Tech House DJs to emerge from San Francisco. With a sound, style, and energy all his own, Kramer has built up a loyal following.

 Kramer is also one of the co-founders of DISTRIKT, the largest daytime sound camp at the yearly Burning Man festival. Hosting over 3,000 people every day on its dance floor, DISTRIKT has become an institution at the legendary festival. Kramer’s annual closing set at DISTRIKT has become one of the biggest and most popular parties at Burning Man.

As a solo artist, Kramer has releases on venerated labels such as Sequential Sounds, Pop+Lock, Transition Records, Helvetica Noir, Lo-Rise Recordings, and Knob Records. Kramer is also one half of the production team Methodrone along with New York based Scott G. The Methodrone sound is wide ranging – everything from textured ambient soundscapes to energetic dance floor escapes. Refusing to be defined by any specific musical genre, Methodrone has built a catalog incorporating sounds, rhythms, and influences from across the musical spectrum. Kramer and Scott G. have diverse musical backgrounds that have helped guide Methodrone’s direction into a space that is not entirely electronic or organic. It is this blend of ideas that has helped Methodrone to create a nice all their own across the musical landscape.

Their highly regarded debut albums, Nonlinear Reality (Looq Records, 2010) and Where is the New World? (Looq Records, 2011) have been compared to classic ground breaking productions by Charlie May & Sasha, Voyager, and Breeder. Their third full length album, Spacial Recognition (Looq Records), was released this past February to high praise from contemporaries such as Hernan Cattaneo. Their productions have been featured in CSI: New York and the WRC FIA World Rally Championship video game. Notable remixes by Methodrone include Jodi & Spesh’s classic, “We are Connected,” as well as MoMu’s “Space Pimp.” Methodrone is currently working on another full length release and live show.