Peven Everett

Peven Everett is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago.  Early on Peven was given full access to his school’s band room where he was often the first student in and last one to leave.  He learned every instrument in the band room garnering first chair for trombone and trumpet.  Prior to completing high school, Peven went on to receive a full scholarship for the Jazz program at the Berklee School of Music and would later pass the professors exam at the Carl Fisher School of Merit, subsequently teaching music to his peers.  He was deemed a prodigy which put him on the radar with Jazz music’s elite, playing a jam session with Dizzy Gillespie attended by Miles Davis. 

His career began with a phone call from Betty Carter and an invitation to New York that would forever change his life. During his time in NYC, he was in the Jazz Ahead program as a trumpeter and was elected by Ms. Carter to be a musical director for the Reed Sisters. Peven drew notice from the head professor of the Berklee program, Branford Marsalis, learning hands on from the Jazz legend. He also played with Branford’s brother Wynton Marsalis, appearing in the documentary Marsalis on Music. During his time in the Jazz circuit he played with a long list of elite musicians including Yoyo Ma, Jackie Terrison, David Sanchez, Brian Blade, Elu, Marc Cary, Greg Hutchinson, and Curtis Lundy. Prior to his departure from New York, Peven wrote “Groydology” which appears on Curtis Lundy’s release, Against All Odds, which also features Peven on trumpet.

When Peven returned to Chicago he began his solo career with his compositions “Gabriel”, “Watch Them Come – Men From the Nile”, and “Someday”. “Gabriel” charted in the UK and became a classic, garnering him a spot on Spin magazine’s Top 40 Best Deep House tracks of all time.

To this day, Gabriel is played all over the world and was featured in the Alvin Ailey Ballet, Grace. Peven’s compositions span multi-genres including Soul, Pop, Rock, Dance, Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B. This caught the attention of Carson Daly who invited Peven to play with his band live on Last Call with Carson Daly. He is a prolific artist who earned the Independent Achiever award from Heineken’s Red Star Soul for releasing 7 albums in a single year.

Recently, Peven served as resident faculty for Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead program at the John F. Kennedy Center, mentoring the future of Jazz. He has also returned to his studio between live engagements all over the world. Peven’s entertainment company, Studio Confession, has multiple labels representing various genres and placement for artists to come. There is much to anticipate this year including collaborations with Mousse T. and Tony Touch. With a catalog of countless songs including the release “Fuego” due out in 2016, Peven shows no signs of stopping.